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For 2014, BoB happened in week 9 of Spring term, and was produced by Robert Walker and Sam Nicholson with 'Production Bitch' Lloyd Wallis. Together, they set out with the plan to broadcast both the heats and the final live. As is probably expected, many grand plans were drawn up, all of which were scrapped for a very simple set-up about a week before it all started - mainly due to key components (like room bookings) falling through.


The heats, held in Courtyard on the Monday and Wednesday, were a source of much issue to plan. We weren't allowed access to Courtyard before 18:00, so had 2 and a half hours to set up all the OB kit. This was further complicated by the plan to do a proper broadcast mix for our audio. These issues were somewhat alleviated by telling the crew that they were going to turn up at YSTV at 17:00, and both help rig and de-rig the kit. After a testing at Elections, Kenobi was also used. In the end, both heats were set up in plenty of time, in a fairly stress free environment, with no major failures. They also broadcasted constantly for the entire shows. A slight issue with one of the capture cards was discovered, and a small misunderstanding by Robert resulted in the headers for the recording of Monday sort of not to be a thing.


The final took place in D-Bar, making use of Derwent's stage. This didn't go quite as smoothly as the heats, with broadcast starting slightly after the first act started performing. This was partly due to a couple of kit failures (Something went wrong with tally,Unverified or incomplete information MuxControl didn't work as expected, and Howard was refusing to respond to commands) and the attempt to do a slightly more ambitious set-up than the heats. Overall, however, the broadcast went well and we got some great coverage.

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