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Woodstock 2015, produced by Helen Hobin, Robert Walker, and Sam Nicholson, was broadcast on Saturday week 9 (12/06/15) of the summer term 2015 from the Roger Kirk Centre in James. This year was a vastly different affair to previous years, due to the new location used.

Woodstock 2015
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Genre: Live Music
Producer(s): Helen Hobin
Robert Walker
Sam Nicholson
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Location and Goodfest

Fairly early on in the preparation for Woodstock, it was mentioned that Woodstock would not be happening in its normal location of Vanbrugh. The exact location changed several times, up until about two weeks before the day, before finally settling on the Roger Kirk Centre. This year was also a somewhat stripped back Woodstock, with a main indoor stage, and a much smaller outdoor 'acoustic' stage, powered by Bandsoc's PA. Due to the rapid changes in plans (often multiple times in the same day), URY suggested looking into whether it would be easier to cover Goodfest instead - which, by a quirk of planning, was happening on the same day on the other campus. About a week and a half before the event(s), it was decided to not try to cover either of these events, but both of them. This led to some referring to that weekend as Woodfest, Goodstock, Woulda Coulda Shoulda, and Darude Shitstorm (URY).

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