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Woodstock 2003 had to be held on Vanbrugh Paradise (the concrete near Central Hall) because building work was under way on the new Music Research Centre. This lead to a rather strange small stage in half a marquee, and no projection output, with YSTV just feeding the network of campus TVs. This itself was not entirely successful as the 2.4 GHz system produced a very snowy picture, so Vanbrugh's TVs were plumbed in directly to the output. The main products of 2003 were a few tapes of coverage that could be played back from the new Video Server. The coverage was produced by Ed Jellard and problematic in that about three quarters of the active members were about to graduate and so not very available. Although the event lacked the usual atmosphere of Vanbrugh Bowl it did give rise to a spectacular light show at the end of the event, with Central Hall being used to host the lighting.

Although the concrete-laden location was meant to be a one-off, from 2006 the event moved back there permanently as the university dedided it wanted a tighter grip on the licensing of the event (and their ability to make money out of it). Subsequent attempts to move it back to the traditional home of Vanbrugh Bowl have failed and, as there are now very few current students who remember it taking place there, it is likely these Woodstock will remain on the Paradise for the forseeable future.

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