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Woodstock 2006 existed in the shadow of the failures in 2005, with the University (who had made a loss due to excessive security and ineffectual bar promotions) insisting it be held on Vanbrugh Paradise, where they could control access and force people to buy drinks at the bar. This back fired at about 8pm when over 2000 people wanted to see the Morning Thieves and Revelation Rock Gospel choir on stage, in a venue with a maximum capacity of 1500. This swelled he ranks of those listening from the area round Central Hall considerably, as well as causing a large queue of disgruntled people who wanted to see arguably the biggest band of the night. The order of scheduling was again the subject of much debate, with many feeling the best bands had been squandered too early, and the finish (Fenna Rhodes and the True Ingredients) was, in some peoples opinion, a bit of a let down. YSTV broadcast the entire event once again, both to our campus network and for the first time to the internet via the live stream. A plot was hatched to capture every set to DV live as it happened, and then Richard Ash drove a pair of PCs to edit and convert for the website as soon as each set ended. The result was the majority of sets being available online within a few hours of the band playing, and most of the remainder in the following week. The producers were Sarah Cheyne and Ian Martindale backed up extensively by Rob Humphrey. YSTV also used live wireless interviews from the balcony of Central Hall with Jay Foreman, and several others from the side of the stage tent. This was achieved using the 2.4GHz AV sender.

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