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"YSTV Does" is the label for a very wide range of one-off programmes. These can vary from serious to very comedic: however, all of them feature one or more presenters learning about and trying out a sport, society or activity. Despite similar videos having been done in the past, the label was only officially created in 2018 by Thomas Schubert.


YSTV Does... TV Shows

Another format that operates underneath the "YSTV Does" label is YSTV's versions of popular TV shows, which was suggested by Thomas Schubert and Stephanie Shires at the beginning of the 2018\2019 academic year. Throughout the following year, several members took on new interpretations of their favourite TV shows. The ones that were released ended up being some of the most successful content of that year.

  • YSTV does Come Dine With Me
    • Produced by Stephanie Shires and Thomas Schubert, this show assembled YSTV members who were in York prior to Freshers' Week 2018, and them cook for each other. Mostly, the food ended up being horribly disgusting, since contestants could only spend 10 Pounds in Nisa for their ingredients. Due to production issues, the show was never edited.
    • In 2020, Zoe Dickinson and Joe Radford started producing a full season of YSTV does Come Dine With Me, consisting of four episodes.
  • YSTV does First Dates
    • With Charlotte Rogers as the executive producer, this show brought two students looking for love together for a first date in Glasshouse. The first episode was released to critical acclaim and production on a second episode began soon. Due to the lack of straight guys applying, YSTV sent their very own Manuel Ausin on a date. This episode was never released - furthering the programme's reputation to be an absolute love destroyer. Both episodes were edited by Sam Hance. Klára Šimonová, Prakriti Jha and Aleksandra Rojek served as Assistant Producers.
  • YSTV does Hunted
    • After being discussed several times in advance, the first episode ended up being shot very improvised when an episode of YSTV Sport was cancelled last minute and YSTV ended up having a van for a day. The episode featured hunters Edwin Barnes, Tom McGonagle and Cal Cooke (who received the nickname "Terminator" from this shoot) chasing two teams of fugitives through York. While the freshers team consisting of Andrew Waddle and Tape Team emerged victorious by camping on the golf course for most of the game, Joseph Wharfe and Thomas Schubert were eventually caught at Clifford's Tower, after narrowly avoiding the hunters several times. The episode was edited by Edwin Barnes and narrated by Sam Hance.
    • After the very successful first episode, YSTV was very excited to start work on a second instalment. Produced by Thomas Schubert, Andrew Waddle and Cal Cooke, this episode massively increased the scale of the production. This included introducing more fugitive and hunter teams, more clearly defining the rules and prolonging the time on the run. Overall, this episode involved 20 YSTV members. More information can be found under YSTV does Hunted - Episode 2.
    • The fourth episode of Hunted was YSTV Does Hunted - Live, this was similar in structure to the previous episodes with two hunter and three fugitive teams. The primary difference was that it was streamed live and was all done on Campus West. This involved more than fifty-five members in total and was a great, but probably not to be repeated, experience due to the scale.
  • YSTV does Taskmaster
    • The pet project of Tom McGonagle. Due to scheduling problems, the filming of the studio segment had to be pushed back to the following academic year and was ultimately never released
  • YSTV does Drunk Histories

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