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Windowvision is the name given to viewing YSTV via the control room window. Due to being behind a window, windowvision typically does not have sound, apart from the odd occasion here and there...


One of windowvision's earlier incarnations

Initially, Windowvision was a TV in a window. This was put in place at the start of Freshers' Week 2003, also in a moment of madness when Jonathan Bufton and Dave Baker assembled a structure of questionable safety which the graphics operator would then need to sit underneath in order to use the Commodore Amiga during a programme (shortly afterwards the new Graphics PC was installed in a better location). The aim was to try and at least catch people's eyes when they walked past the station, although obviously was without sound. The station had also lost a few monitors across campus due to building works in the previous few years so this was an easy way of re-dressing the balance. The windows were also filled with whatever station publicity posters were in vogue at the that moment.


Windowvision 2010

Windowvision 2010 emerged as a moment of complete madness by Michael Chislett, egged on by Michael Cullen, and Steven Perring. It consists of Chislett's projector, mounted on MDF ontop of the AV rack (opposite the G/046 window), pointing onto the blinds (which are convieniently always down at night). It is worth pointing out that YSTV's windows are convieniently almost a 4:3 aspect ratio. Audio is provided by shoving speakers onto a stool near the window if anyone can be bothered. Inaugaural projection was Man Man. Within a few minutes, windowvision Actually Had Non-YSTV viewers, one of which remarked to a fellow viewer "you have just been out-awesomed". This version of windowvision may re-appear once a timed IR interface is made for the pojector (possibly with YVP compatibility?) - with the hope of it being linked into a light sensor, and automatically turned on if it is dark enough.


Windowvision was resurrected 7 years later by Edwin Barnes, Matthew Stratford and Tom Lee on June 4th 2017 at 22:30, with a playlist consisting of YSTV's highlights of 2017. Past YSTV idents were also put to good use.

This iteration had YSTV's projector being fed by VLC on Edwin's computer, with a white sheet we found in the studio as the screen.