Sound Team

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Sound Team
Years Active: 2018 –

Consisting of good friends Andrew Battersby and Joseph Wharfe, Sound Team are two YSTV members who attempted, and partially succeeded to leverage their type casting as sound crew as a positive.

1st Year

Both Joe and Andrew were first years when they met during the filming of Hidden, one of the first productions and first short films Joseph Wharfe worked on. He originally wanted to do try camera work, but new and shy of all the competent seeming people around him, he accepted any role that was thrust upon him without protest. The second day on set this meant holding Andrew Battersby's boom pole, and thus was born a duo who would forever be know for their homoerotic euphemisms towards each other, whether intentional or not.

Andrew and Joe didn't see much of each other after the wrap of Hidden until Roses 2018, where they both found each other waiting for the coach to Lancaster. After departing the coach, they began to wander over to where the rest of YSTV was, when they encountered the Dylan, who had decided to crew for YSTV for the weekend. They grew measurably closer through witnessing and sharing stories of his strange behaviour. After Roses they pigeonholed themselves by willingly teaming up again as Sound Recordist and Boom Operator during the filming of The SU, where Joe made more jokes about making Andrew's pole longer.

2nd Year

Joe and Andrew started the year making as many homoerotic jokes about each other as they ever did, and frequently during station meetings just shortly after the freshers had arrived. Due to neither of them getting to know the freshers until later, the Social Secretary at the time, Charlotte Rogers was frequently asked whether or not we were an actual couple. She had to confirm with Sound Team that they weren't, as she couldn't actually tell.

In early autumn term, 2018, Sound Team were 'ratified'. Joe had cooked up a plan to get both himself and Andrew keycard access to the studio and proposed to Edwin Barnes, Station Director at whilst at Glasshouse the time that he should be made Deputy Head of Sound, with Andrew becoming Head of Sound. For some reason Edwin agreed, despite not having had anything to drink yet, though the roles would not be recognised officially in either constitution or policy as having legitimacy, and would be purely constructions within the minds of the holders and those foolish enough to recognise them by the fake, unelected roles. Many freshers presumably didn't realise this, especially it was decided that the tech director had the power to decide who was part of Tech Team and allocate titles, leading to a short period in which the Station Director called on Sound Team for 'updates. This rarely happened, though one time we finally passed some money for a new, if cheap, boom pole.

Eventually, the allure of being part of a recognised 'team' lead to Edwin suggesting Camera Team become a thing, as well as Tom McGonagle. Both only consisted of a person each, and were thus more commonly known by their birth names, Andrew Waddle and Tom McGonagle respectively. The 'team craze' did however lead to the eventual formation of Tape Team, which, whilst on paper sounds patently absurd and unnecessary, was the only 'team' that lived up to the utter absurdity of pretending you were part of a recognised yet unelected team in YSTV.

Sound Cops

Sound Cops is an upcoming YSTV satirical drama, written by Jacob Boyle and starring Andrew Battersby and Joseph Wharfe as Sound Cops Kilo and Hertz, a pair of renegade detectives solving Sound Crimes. The idea was purely a joke made by Andrew whilst drunk at the pub one time, and when brought it up at Production Meeting against Andrew's protests, enough of the membership found it funny that they refused to forget that Joe said it would be made. It didn't help that Production Director at the time, Thomas Schubert put it in the production slides.