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If no one is in the studio, maybe they're drinking. YSTV members frequently like to socialise, often at socials organised by Social Secretaries. Due to several generations of Britain's youth succumbing to the decades long campaign by the alcohol industry to increase their sales, these socials have often revolved around drinking.

Members who don't drink shouldn't feel left out; we often descend on Courtyard with the intention of consuming vast amounts of Courtyard Nachos and Chips, alcohol optional, and we frequently host socials that consist of more stimulating activities than lubricated shit-talking whilst sat around a dimly lit table. If the latter still appeals to you, consider whether this is only because targeted advertising campaigns made you feel that way, or made enough of the rest of us feel that way that the peer pressure to conform has driven you that way regardless. No? You actually do enjoy spending up to, maybe more than, half of your weekly budget on tipsy juice? Well, find out more about how YSTV has historically, and probably futuristically, spent their time drinking.


YSTV's most common haunt are YUSU bars, and of them most commonly Courtyard. Courtyard is approx. 650m from the studio (accounting for walking around the massive lake, which many members curse for blocking a straight path being carved directly between the two), meaning it's further than both V-Bar (~300m) and the Lounge (~100m), but the extra distance travelled is often justified by the fact that it serves food - tempting to those who spent 7pm to 9pm in back to back Admin and Production Meetings and haven't yet had time to eat. If Courtyard is too full for the arriving group, usually due to football, reluctantly most will head to D-Bar, it being the closest available place - though it neither serves food or is a particularly great bar. If anyone is drunk enough to think continuing to drink past the close of Courtyard is smart, a migration to V-Bar is in order, as they usually keep their bar open an hour later than Courtyard. The Lounge exists - it's the closest bar to YSTV - but it closes the earliest and if you make the trek to Courtyard for food, then it's the furthest bar on campus.

Except for Glasshouse. If we're on East, we go to Glasshouse. It's the only place to drink on East, unless someone lets you into their house. I guess you could walk there from the studio. If you wanted to a 2.1km walk. They do have food.

Heslington Village

The Charles used to be the frequent post-Station Meetings haunt around 2017?Unverified or incomplete information, but gradually was replaced by Courtyard. YSTV still occasionally goes there - it has a beer garden, it's a close by pub that's not Courtyard that sells food, there are reasons a person might want to drink there, we're not judging.

The Deramore exists. It's a bit less student-y, more common with the locals


Sadly for people who enjoy the sustainability of the British pub, happily for students with shallow pockets and proprietors of small pubs who struggle to muster a table the size of a common YSTV gathering, Spoons is a common gathering place for members drinking outside campus. It's cheap and it's big, and it serves food. It's like a big Courtyard, except the beer garden is smaller, and the man who runs it is more obviously evil.