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Over the years many mysterious things have happened at YSTV, or they may not have. Rumours run wild and take on lives of their own. Details grow foggy in the mists of time. We cannot confirm or deny any of these events truly happened, and neither should you.

The Case of the Missing 'The System' Files

I'll tell you about them later, i'm tired.

Orgy Tent

On a camping trip that may or may not have happened, at some unknown period in history, and may or may not have involved YSTV members, there may or may not have been discussions about turning one of the tents into, or not into, an orgy tent. So who could say whether or not it even occurred? All we know is that the sound we may or may not have heard may or may not have been very enthusiastic snoring.

Sound Team Marriage

A YSTV Calendar entry suggests that Sound Team may have taken steps to formalise their partnership in the eyes of the Lord. Evidence that points towards this having actually took places is scarce - Joseph Wharfe himself is listed as Not attending, and even Andrew Battersby is only Maybe attending. And it's dubious as to whether anyone who claimed to be Attending was even in York at the time. Still, many claim that when you see their eyes meet, the truth is obvious.

Toot'paste in the Server Rack

Ask Rhys about this one. Legend

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