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dom-laptop is an elusive figure. Legend says that he appears but once a year to bring down his knowledge and wisdom apon our feeble minds. Sciptures have been discovered that desribe the being controlling 167 streams simultaneously with his mind. Such power cannot be witnessed by our puny eyes, our servers quiver at the mention of his name.


dom-laptop has never been seen by anyone who has lived to tell the tale and his name is said to appear in the sacred YSTV mumble when his presence is required. The name's last sighting was at Roses 2022 where he managed 34 streams with his eyes closed whilst finger painting. His presence was everlooming from the Friday until suddenly and unexpectedly his voice faded on the Sunday evening. dom-laptop is the high lord of YSTV, tremble before him.

dop-laptop Service

Computing Director: `ALL HAIL DOM-LAPTOP`

Followers: `hail=TRUE`

Computing Director: `MCR be with you`

Followers: `And with you`

Computing Director: `Our Lord, dom-laptop, hear our voice`

Followers: 'Mumble has crashed'

The Computing Director ceremonially fixes Mumble.

Computing Director: `dom-laptop, can you hear us`


Computing Director: `dom-laptop looks down apon-us`

Computing Director: `please dom-laptop, have mercy on us. Forward us to the website`

Followers: `We are live` Computing Director: 'dom-laptop has forgiven us, hallelujah!'

What is known about him

  • He spends everyday looking down on the Mumble, judging the sins of those who join.
  • He can physically embody a laptop and leave it haunted for future use.
  • He can stop your stream at the click of his finger.
  • You must sacrifce a small fly in dedication to him for him to deem your stream live.