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| active from = 2017
| active from = 2017
| positions = Head of Archives
| positions = Head of Archives
| floppys = The 'Oh, You're Not TFTV!' Award, The 'I'll Do My Degree Later' Award  
| floppys = The 'Oh<nowiki>,</nowiki> You're Not TFTV!' Award, The 'I'll Do My Degree Later' Award  
| current occupation = Sound Cop
| current occupation = Sound Cop
| hometown = Oldham, Greater Manchester
| hometown = Oldham, Greater Manchester

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Joseph Wharfe
At Malham Cove
Years Active 2017 – Present
Positions Held
The 'Oh, You're Not TFTV!' Award
The 'I'll Do My Degree Later' Award
HometownOldham, Greater Manchester
AllegianceSound Team

Joseph Wharfe also known as simply Joe or also Joe "Wharfe-Horse" Wharfe is one of YSTV's prodigies, investigating sound crimes. Alongside colleague Andrew Battersby they became 'Sound Cops', something that is currently being made into the next hit TV show. The three peaks to them is a concerning sound edit and they will often follow the phrase 'sound' with 'speed'.

When not surfing the sound waves, Joe takes an avid interest in crewing various productions, capable of a wide plethora of roles. Many know him along with co-editor Sam Hance for the sacrifices put into saving The System: a short film that suffered technical difficulties.

At the election of 2019, Joe was voted in as the first Head of Archives, due to his love for discovering old YSTV programmes.