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Welcome to the YSTV History Wiki!

This site is an attempt to gather as much information about YSTV's history as we can, by throwing it open to you the members, ex-members, friends and admirers! Please do add information, images and stories, please do read and enjoy and please do get in touch. It was started on our 40th Birthday.

The usual rules of a wiki apply (I'm sure you've all used Wikipedia). Basically, no untruths, no slander, no nastiness. If you're not sure about something (hazy memory?!) mark it clearly with {{unsure}} and someone else might be able to confirm for you. If you have particular information requests, make a page with a request and someone might just help you out. Most of all, enjoy!

Main Areas


YSTV People
Director Station Directors
Admin Team Administration Directors • Treasurers • Social Secretaries • Heads of Archives • Heads of Outreach
Production Team Production Directors • Heads of Presentation • Heads of Scripted • Heads of Factual • Heads of Sport • Heads of Entertainment • Heads of Commercial
Technical Team Technical Directors • Equipment Officers • Training Officers
Computing Team Computing Directors • Deputy Computing Directors
Marketing Team Marketing Directors • Heads of Engagement
Retired Officerships
Admin Careers Officers • 50th Anniversary Officers • Station Managers • Secretaries • Heads of Marketing • Heads of Welfare and Training
Production Controllers of News and Current Affairs • Deputy Controllers of News and Current Affairs • Controllers of Factual Programming • Controllers of Entertainment and Drama • Arts Correspondents • Sports Correspondents • Features Correspondents • Grapevine Managers • Training Managers • Scheduling Managers • Assistant Production Directors • Outside Broadcast Coordinators
Commercial Advertising Managers • PR Managers • Commercial Directors • Assistant Commercial Directors
Technical Station Engineers • Network Engineers • Deputy Technical Directors
Computing Webmasters
Marketing Team Deputy Marketing Directors

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Requests and related information…

  • We have lots of photos from the station, but most of them don't say what or who they are of. Have a look!
  • Want to know something? Ask away…

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