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An attempted redesign on the majority of the YSTV software infrastructure by Rhys Milling and Ben Allen. Started in early 2020, it is being aimed to be completed for the NaSTA awards 2021.

This introduced Docker to becoming a more heavier player in YSTV, in hope that the entire redesign could be brought up from one script in order to ensure that even in years without a computing team the stack could still be managable.

This has seen the vandalism of a couple of servers, with Paxman being hit the worst, no longer handling the routing for YSTV but also the entire development software stack. It now having to host multiple backend development services including Jenkins and Docker.


The work has been split out over multiple different smaller projects.

  • web-api
  • my-tv
  • public-site
  • web-auth
  • DB Migration
  • COBRA?
  • video-transcode
  • creator-studio