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Editing a Page

At the top of the page you may have noticed the "edit" page tab - clicking this will open a page with a large text box, where you can make the changes you require. Sometimes this will say "view page source" instead - this means that only the administrators can edit the text of this page.

If you are unsure of a fact, use the 'unsure' template to mark it clearly:

{{unsure|whatever it is you're unsure about}}

displays as whatever it is you're unsure aboutUnverified or incomplete information

Links to pages are in double-square-braces:

[[name of page to link to]]

eg Treasurer

You can do a lot more than just this - see the formatting help page for more details. Or, click "edit", and take a look at the code that already exists - there's a "cancel" link underneath the text box to avoid making changes to a page.

Creating a Page

The easiest way is to edit an existing page - preferably one that should contain a link to the new page - and make a link to the page you wish to create, e.g.:

[[My New Page]]

Save the page and click the link - you will be prompted to start editing the new page, as there is no content there yet.

Discussion Pages

Another page tab is entitled "discussion". These are here to discuss each individual page - we use them to discuss the page itself, rather that it's content. These pages are edited in the same way as normal pages; please put new text under old text, and sign your posts using four tildes (~) (the Wiki will automatically convert this into your name and timestamp for you).