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Every year the debris from the Election Night programme usually got left until after Easter until it was cleared up properly as no-one could be bothered to do it before. In May 2004 it was decided to tackle this problem and make the job more interesting...by making a programme out of it.

The YSTV Clean-Up was "produced" by outgoing Controller of Factual Programming James Flinders, though originally suggested (not as a programme) by Studio Manager Rowan de Pomerai, and essentially consisted of us tidying up the whole station whilst being watched by the two "security" cameras in the control room and studio and also DeathStar. It was reality TV, YSTV-style. The show was transmitted on a Saturday afternoon for around four hours and had quite an avid set of viewers over at URY. Whilst not the most exciting programme it did succeed in getting everyone to come along and tidy up.

A further YSTV Clean-Up was held the following year, however this was not televisedUnverified or incomplete information.

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