Fireworks 40

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Created in 2007 by Iain Cooke.

Iain Cooke, Rowan de Pomerai and Matthew Tole took a camera to film the Heslington Church fireworks in the 2006 autumn term for stock footage which Iain thought could possibly be made into an ident. The idea was to make a computer generated YSTV firework which would explode among the filmed fireworks. Rowan looked into a way of doing this, but decided that it was time consuming and difficult to do. The footage was captured to Edit PC 2 but nothing further was done with it.

In the summer term, after creating the Pizza ident, Iain decided to make the footage into an ident promoting the fact that YSTV had been broadcasting for 40 years.

The footage was cut together with the YSTV logo and the dates 1967 - 2007 appearing from a firework exploding (rather than trying to make a computer generated one) and the phrase "Celebrating 40 years of broadcasting" fading in below the logo.

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