Everything's Fine

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Everything's Fine
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Genre: Entertainment
First Broadcast: 13 January 2023
Producer(s): Finn Ducker, Max Roach, Alexianne Charlery-Warner, Rhiannon Kaye, Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti

Everything's Fine is a satirical current affairs show, featuring a monologue, in-studio guests and scripted skits. The first season was initially produced by Finn Ducker - following on from his TFTI studio show of the same name, in what is thought to be a YSTV first - then Max Roach. For Season 2, Alexianne Charlery-Warner and Rhiannon Kaye took over as showrunners, with Alex replaced by Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti for the more skit-focused Season 3.

Season 1

Episode 1 – What's a walrus doing in Scarborough?

Episode 2 – Save our selfs

Episode 3 – What happened at the Grammys?

Episode 4 – Carole Baskin did it

Episode 5 – The people have spoken

Season 2

Episode 1 – Election fever

Episode 2 – It's Coronation Day

Episode 3 – Racecars, reservoirs and chocolate bars

Episode 4 – The Pride special

Season 3

Episode 1 – Sex, Sunak and Semesterisation

Episode 2 – Sugar Daddies and Obelisks

Episode 3 – Batman?

Episode 4 – Jamie for Foreign Secretary?

Episode 5 – Boris The Red Nose Liar

Episode 6 – British Citizenship Vs Sanziana

Season 4

Episode 1 – Essays, Servers and Selling Women

Presented by Alex Charlery-Warner, with a live skit featuring Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti being auctioned off. Other skits include an "exclusive investigation" into the university's essay marking system (featuring Almira Moldovan and Elizabeth Winstanley), and a parody anti-piracy warning about The Thursday Night Incident (featuring Jamie Parker-East).

Episode 2 – Passwords, Pet Peeves and Prostates

Presented by Alex Charlery-Warner, with guest Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti. This all-live episode featured a public apology for leaking YSTV's Adobe password in the previous episode's anti-piracy skit, a monologue about media coverage of King Charles' health, an economics segment about the cost of NaSTA tickets and a list of people who have annoyed the show's producers.

Episode 3 – EverythingsFine.mov

Presented by Jamie Parker-East, this Untitled.mov takeover included a tech-themed Q&A live skit with Kory Anderson and Liam Burnand. Other skits include a Get A Mac ad parody, Jamie ranting about macOS and a clip of Jamie on the phone to Kirsten during tech meeting the previous day.

Episode 4 – Willy Wanker's Chocolate Experience

Presented by Alex Charlery-Warner, with a live skit featuring Almira Moldovan being exorcised. Other skits included a spoof orientation video for English students and a Law And Order parody.

Episode 5 – Kate Middleton Spotted in York

Presented by Alex Charlery-Warner, with a Harry Potter-themed parody of the Willy Wonka experience and a Bake Off-based cost of living skit. This was the first episode led by incoming showrunners Almira Moldovan and Matt Malkin.