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| last name = McGonagle
| last name = McGonagle
| active from = 2018
| active from = 2018
| active until = Present
| positions = [[Treasurer]], [[Commercial Director]]
| positions = [[Treasurer]], [[Commercial Director]]
| hometown = Warwick
| hometown = Warwick

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Tom McGonagle
Years Active 2018 – Present
Positions Held
Current LocationYork

Tom McGonagle is the current Treasurer at YSTV. He was also Commercial Director from the middle of spring term 2019 through to the 2019 Elections in the Summer. Aside from vision mixing and directing live shows, he is also known for helping out with tech, especially lighting, and Production of videos such as the York Consulting Conference and Elections Hustings Coverage, amongst other programmes. Tom is part of a new wave of freshers who had never experienced the 20th century; something many members are still coming to terms with.

Head of Lighting

Sub-teams became a thing in 2018-19 leading to the emergence of the infamous Sound Team, Camera Team, Tape Team and then Lighting Team. As the only person who actually knows how to use the YSTV lighting desk, Tom asked the Tech Directeor and Station Director if he could have the unofficial title, leading to him becoming "Head of Lighting".

Commercial Director

Entering the role through a March 2019 by-election, Tom has started organising commercial conference shoots and merch orders. One particular focus was organizing sponsorship for Roses 2019. His term in this role ended in the 2019 summer elections.


Tom McGonagle became the treasurer of YSTV at the Summer 2019 YSTV elections. It seems an interest of finance runs in the bloodline with his father being a chartered accountant.


As YSTV started engaging with URY more in 2019, Tom started to present TV on the Radio. As well as this, he joined Sam Hance to make their radio show 'If You've Heard This, It's Already Too Late'.


McGonagle was well known at the start of first year for one of his many catchphrases, 'I'd like to present' among many variations. Despite his more current emphasis being on producing, directing and vision mixing shows, Tom presented the pilot to Riddle Me This, and appeared regularly on YSTV Sport. It is arguably through his efforts to present that he became involved in various areas of production.


Soon after joining YSTV, it became clear that Tom would be quote a force to be reckoned with - at the end of his first year he is likely the most quoted YSTV member of all time. While his original appearances on the Quotes Board were due to his lacking grasp of the meaning of the word muff, he has since become famous for his accidental sexual innuendos. He is known to say "Please don't quotesboard that" which of course has been documented on the Quotes Board.


- As of 03/06/2019, Tom's only experience with the Shrek cinematic universe was a Spanish-language dub of the first film. He is a bit embarrassed about this. - He features heavily in the Behind the Streams episode on NaSTA 2019, giving an awkward tour around the team's residence and explaining how to make tea.