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YSC made its debut as a light-hearted filler in January 2001's Lazy Lunch, and consisted of YSTV regulars attempting to sell various bits of tat from around the studio for extortionate prices. It was later revived for SU Elections 2001. When the Video Server was launched in Autumn 2003 the raw footage, found on a DV tape, was regularly played as a standalone programme.

The show featured two segments - a lifestyle section presented by Kerry Beadling and Jenny Gordon and "Around The Home" with Andrew Talbot and Adam Dymond (notably Andrew's only ever excurision in front of the cameras). One anecdote circulated for years after the making of this show - a short VT was made of Kerry singing along to Britney Spears with the "stage mic" on sale (actually a straw), and the evil techies didn't tell her when to stop, and so a potentially valuable blackmail tool of her singing enthusiastically to the whole of "Baby One More Time" was born.

The was also a short intermission trailer for the "YSC Travel Shop", showing various exotic locations around campus such as Goodricke C block's narrow corridors and overflowing bins. The tag line was "telling you where to go".

In many ways the successor to Campus Shopping Network.

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