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YSTV London, Christmas 2009

YSTV London is the informal umbrella name used by a group of YSTV alumni (or Old Farts) who graduated in the mid-late 2000s living in the capital city and surrounding areas.

The first official YSTV London "event" was a Christmas 2006 social to (appropriately enough) the London branch of Reflex. Since then there has been a Christmas party every year, with some other occasions too. These events have also been attended by Old Farts from other parts of the country. Gatherings have included:

  • December 2006 - 80s Christmas night out
  • September 2007 - The New Arrivals night out
  • December 2007 - High School Musical/back-to-school Christmas party (including alcopops!)
  • April 2008 - York visit
  • July 2008 - Jon and Kate's Summer Fete
  • December 2008 - Rowan and Dave's Christmas Rave
  • April 2009 - York visit
  • October 2009 - Halloween fancy dress party
  • December 2009 - Christmas Party
  • December 2010 - Christmas Banquet
  • December 2011 - New Year Party, notable for having YSTV members stretching from 2001 to 2009 in attendance
  • December 2012 - Christmas Party