Connor Sanders

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Connor Sanders
Connor with a cane.png
Years Active 2019
Positions Held
  • 2021: Rhys' Bitch Award

Technically a member from 2019 but only active in 2021.


As an undeserved recipient of the 2020-21 "Rhys' Bitch Award", Connor found time better spent in the volumous collection of flammable goods that sat between 2 fire escapes, than in some sad delusion of a YSTV "computing team". A computing team where he'd form one third of the infamous "Triple Threat": a trio of wannabe sysadmins who believed different philosophies about literally every part of their job. Connor was a person of absolute minimalism with systems (at the time, running dwm on a self-configured arch install). While Rhys might download an outdated, abandoned github repo ("but Connor, it's written in Go!" he would say) and Dom might find some enterprise, proprietary, bloated subscription service riddled with spyware, 90% of the time the obvious solution is just a bash script. And it is - as was made very evident in every Computing meeting.

He may spend more time than socially acceptable doing computing tasks (organised neatly on a pristine Trello board, of his own design) but his actual role is Head of Archives, where he spends even more time ignoring emails and fixing the many issues with mediawiki (sometimes with much anger).