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Alize Akturk
Years Active 2019 – Present
Current LocationNot sure whether to be proud of being in Constantine College
DegreesBSc Film and Television Production

Being a Fresher

As a Fresher, Alize was eager to get involved in Camera Oping and appearing in Boozy Broadcasts in the studio, even beating fellow Fresher Joe Radford at Drunk Mario Kart (and never shutting up about it).

She had a great time at the iconic socials, including Ben Goes to Kuda- livestream, Baby Shark Social 2020 and many games of Sardines in the Maths Department.

At the end of her first year, during corona summer, Alize ran for Secretary and officially became a part of the committee! Also realising that lots of admin happens between Tuesday meetings.

She also survived the hellish corona AGM the week before and was consistently told that "the next one wouldn't be so long..."

Second Year (covid oop)

Alize's second year at uni began peacefully, we were in various stages of lockdown and all she really had to do was take minutes at admin and production meetings - adding in some memes to spice them up.

It all changed in January 2021, when former Production Director Caroline Preynat-Viero stepped down and Alize decided to run for the position. She was relived to see that she was running unopposed, although Joseph Wharfe had said he would also run.

After becoming Production Director, Alize saw that her Slack screen time sky rocketed, but she still has a good time producing and presenting productions during corona March 2021.


Year 1

# Show Position Notes
Autumn Term
1 The Samaritans at the University of York Producer
2 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Werewolves Participant Got advice from a very competitive Olivia Gibbs beforehand, but decided to not take it too seriously and instead ate Efes pizza throughout the livestream with Sophie B-D.
3 Please Sir, There's Been a Murder Camera Operator Bonded with the 'Linda' AC90
Spring Term
4 Boozy Broadcasts: Mario Kart Drunk Drivers Participant Did surprisingly well in the competition
5 YSTV Reports: Think Equal Camera Operator
6 KitKeeper Advert Producer First official ystv collaboration with Tilly Garland as a producer/camera duo
7 Ben Goes to Kuda- livestream Participant The day of the official creation of the firstyearsthatarecool Slack channel
8 Elections Results Night 2020 Camera Operator Enjoyed being a part of the girl gang camera team, with Sophie B-D and Karinna Hollins, and almost stole a Teradeck from Tech Team while de-rigging.
9 YSTV Reports: Free the Flow Camera Operator Proved truly how terrible she is at arts & crafts

Year 2

# Show Position Notes
Autumn Term
1 Freshers Fair Interviews 2020 Camera Operator Helped out on the second day of interviews.
2 Campus Tour Presenter Hosted the campus/bar tour with Tilly Garland after volunteering the two of them at Production Meeting the night before the shoot. Their 'harassment' of people leaving Nisa Market Square became iconic, and potentially developed into its own show?
3 URY Charity Among Us Stream Commentator Although she had never played the game before, Alize volunteered to commentate the URYSTV production, working alongside URY's MWP, who apparently couldn't hear her for the second half of the stream.
Spring Term
4 YSTV on the Rocks Guest Appeared as a guest on the second episode of YSTV's flagship cocktails livestream, hosted by Sophie Bolwell-Davies and Joe Radford. Got very drunk (ofc) and ordered a Taco Bell afterwards.
5 Meme Stream Media Host Co-hosted the meme reviewing show alongside Station Director Joe Radford and witnessed the first appearance of Mike Vok!!
6 You Have No Authority Here Acting as herself Playing a version of the iconic Jackie Weaver, putting her foot down as a fictional version of herself as the tyrannical Production Director. Following this sketch, Cal Cooke repeatedly tells Alize that 'she has no authority here' - no one can admit that they're sick of it.
7 Lockdown Diaries Vlogger Appeared in Lockdown Diaries #3, vlogging about the topic 'staying entertained during lockdown' (i.e. listening to a podcast, going on a walk and of course, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine to round off the day)
8 Guess the Dialect Vision Mixer Was involved in the very last minute planning of the 'Guess the Dialect' livestream, set designing the OBS stream on the day of broadcast, with music sent in mere hours before.
9 Elections 2021 Executive Producer Lead YSTV's election coverage, part of the trio of Executive Producers, alongside Joe Radford and Rhys Milling, who managed YUSU's expectations for the virtual version of the event. She underwent the laborious task of recording (almost) all of the 60s Manifestos over OBS, produced the ERN livestream and vision mixed the After Show. Also appeared in the, now iconic, 'After Show Intro VT,' which featured her in McDonald's and on the toilet.