URYVision Song Contest

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URYVision Song Contest
Genre: Events Coverage
Broadcast: June 2004
Producer(s): Jonathan Bufton
Jen Ayerst

The URYVision Song Conest was a one-off event which URY, RAG and YSTV all helped organise in June 2004. It was produced by Jen Ayerst and Jonathan Bufton.

URY first approached YSTV in March that year to enquire if they'd be interested. YSTV nearly didn't take part due to concerns about many technical hands being immersed in exams at the point of the event, and with Woodstock just one week later. However thanks to Richard Ash amongst others attending regular meetings with URY and RAG, YSTV's participation was secured.

The event was a rip-off of the Eurovision Song Contest, with a number of heats in bars determining the "song" to be entered from each college. For the final, YSTV had one camera filming the acts and being projected onto the big screen. The show was presented by one time YSTV News Editor James Brookes and URY's Verity Wilde. The main contribution of YSTV was during the results section.

The scoreboard and jury "live" from Halifax

For this we tricked the audience into thinking we were going "live" to all the undergraduate colleges across campus to speak to their juries, with a little help from Giles Burdett's college map system previously seen on Elections 2004. Still photos of bars around campus were taken and used as backdrops on the green screen in the studio. Many of those in the dining hall who'd had a few by this point were fooled! Dave Baker designed a score board for the event, however this sadly went beserk after the first scores were put in so it was dropped.

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