The 52 Amendments

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The 52 Amendments was a massive undertaking that completely derailed the AGM 2019 and proposed major changes to the station's constitution and policy. Edwin Barnes and Joseph Wharfe both proposed two amendments each, while the other 48 amendments were brought forward by The Dynamic Duo.

(Editor's Note: There actually were 2 more amendments brought forward by Adam Birtles, so it should actually be The 54 Amendments. The full list can be found under AGM 2019.)

As Thomas and Stephanie had been talking about the possibility of running jointly for Station Director, they had looked through the constitution, only to discover that it had not been updated since 2015. In an attempt to change that, they spent a whole week going through the different documents and compiling a list of errors, new phrasing and structure changes, which they presented at the AGM. Due to the amount of amendments and since several required in-depth discussion, the meeting nearly ran until midnight.

The 52 Amendments mostly led to the following changes:

  • Correcting several grammar errors in the constitution
  • Changing YSTV's definition from a society to a media group
  • References to the Media Charter
  • Implementation of gender-neutral language
  • Inclusion of GDPR guidelines
  • Retiring the positions of Assistant Production Director and Assistant Commercial Director
  • Creation of new positions: Head of Archives
  • Updated definitions for Head of Factual and Head of Scripted
  • Changing the name of the former Deputy Station Director to Station Manager
  • Re-assign responsibilities to certain positions
  • Defined to process of VONCing
  • Created new and clearly defined regulations for running jointly in elections

All changes were recorded by secretary Olivia Gibbs.

The 52 Amendments (also known as Committee and Constitution Restructuring) were also nominated for the 'Best Initiative' award at the 2019 University of York Media Awards.