That's The Way I Like It

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Chris Parker's Magnum Opus promo. Set to the classic re-interpretation of 'That's The Way (I Like It)' from the Space Jam Original Soundtrack the promo featured a mix of both YSTV and broadcast clips showcasing the complete output from the station at that time.

The promo started with a selection of YSTV and other broadcasters' idents, expertly cut to the opening beat, and then led the viewer through a roller-coaster ride of emotions until finishing with the definitive scene from Space Jam of Porky Pig exclaiming that he'd 'Wet himself'.

This was used extensively as a filler in Children In Need, Election Night and Open Day programmes for the next few years.

Due to a typo on the Timeclock this promo is also sometimes known as "That's the way ah ha ha ha" which should have read "ah ha ah ha" to match the soundtrack.

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