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"Open Day" was an annual feature of YSTV's output from the early 90s until around 2000.

Julie, John, Debbie singing

It was billed as live coverage of the university open day for prospective students, which used to take place in mid-May. The programme was around four hours long, usually fairly unstructured and would consist of presenters sitting on a sofa by the lake describing the university and how people could get involved in YSTV should they decide to apply.

Tim ropes in the unsuspecting public

Occasionally prospective students were involved, and there were sometimes quizzes, news reports and even karaoke sessions.

The last programme was in 2000. After this point the Curriculum 2000 changes meant that most sixth-formers were in the middle of AS Levels at the point the open days had previously been held. Consequently the university held two smaller open days - one in July and one at the start of October, both outside of term time. Because of this, the annual show ended, although in 2001 YSTV were showing people around the station on the October open day.

1993 Camera Dolly
Karen at Open Day 1993
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