Schubert Squared

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Schubert Squared
Genre: Comedy, ClusterFuck
Broadcast: NA
Producer(s): Unknown cat = Productions

Schubert Squared was (is?) a production which stemmed from a throwaway comment made by Andrew Waddle and Joseph Wharfe after a 2nd year theatre performance in May 2018. The gag was, to have multiple iterations of our esteemed leader Thomas Schubert interacting with each other, possibly as a band or as all the actors in a short film. This would have involved a huge amount of compositing Fuckary and so was never really taken seriously other than as a joke. However, Olivia Gibbs decided to put it on the station production roster, and so other plans were floated as to what the project might be.

As of 23 / 04 / 2020 no further attempts have been made to make the project into anything, it's inclusion in the ideas for the Quarantine YSTV period contained no further detail about what it might entail. With Thomas Schubert leaving in the summer of 2020, it is unlikely that the project will go any further.

(Schubert's note: Why the hell would anyone make a page for this?)

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