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Radio On The TV
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Genre: Entertainment
First Broadcast: 5 May 2023
Producer(s): Sam Randewich, Kory Anderson, Fion Cudmore

Radio On The TV is a show on YSTV Live produced by members of University Radio York, mirroring the URY show TV On The Radio which is produced by YSTV. Created by Sam Randewich in May 2023, it returned from hiatus for a second season in January 2024 with Kory Anderson as showrunner and Fion Cudmore taking over midway through the season.

Season 1

Episode 1 – How hard can it be?

Episode 2 – A year in review

Episode 3 – Kittens

Season 2

Episode 1 – Ronald Young - Programme Controller

Episode 2 – Fion Cudmore - Production Manager

Episode 3 – James Pursglove - Head Of Computing

Episode 4 – Fion takes control and makes everyone do a quiz (also LSR)

Season 3

Episode 1 – Ollie Takes Over ft. Harrison and Jamie

Episode 2 – What's your Favourite Market?


Show Swap

A one-off special edition of Radio On The TV and its sister show TV On The Radio, featuring Kory Anderson and Beth Marsch, was simulcast from the YSTV studio at the start of Show Swap. Viewers on YSTV saw VTs timed to exactly match the length of each song.