Panasonic F10

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This article is about a piece of equipment. For more information on what it is for or how to use it, try its documents wiki article.

Purchased by Paul Hollow with x12 lens and genlock back in 1994Unverified or incomplete information. At the time probably the best camera person's camera, knocked the socks off the Panasonic MS4.

By 1996 YSTV had aquired an improved F10 Mark IIs with x8 lens and genlock back. A second Mark II was purchased in 1998 (and picked up by Matt Hammond's dad who lived in nearby Chelmsford) with a x15 lens. This third camera allowed the Panasonic MS4 to be dedicated to outside work rather than having to be back in the studio by evening to be the 3rd studio camera, and genlock source.

A second Mark I and an F15 (basically a MarkII in a grey case aimed at the professional market) were added later. Did some of these come from AV?Unverified or incomplete information.

F10 in use on Open Day

The two Mark IIs and the F15 formed the station's main studio camera rig until mid 2004 when they were replaced by the Panasonic MS5s, mainly because the MS5s had better colour and needed less light to give good picture. Their last use on-air was Elections 2006, although all 5 are still stored in the station.