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Filming Pumpkins and Gourds
Oranges and Lemons
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First Broadcast: 31 October 2020
Last Broadcast: 26 December 2020
Executive Producer(s): Joe Radford and Zoe Dickinson
Producer(s): Sophie Bolwell-Davies,

Zoe Dickinson and Mustafa Koprulu, Liv Woodward and Meg Maguire, Joe Radford and Louis Dickson

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More filming Pumpkins and Gourds

Created by Joe Radford and Zoë Dickinson as a sequel series to Quarantine Weekly. A new episode was released once every two weeks, beginning in week 5 of Autumn Term 2020 and concluding in Week 11.

The basic premise saw Louis Dickson presenting the show every other week from a variety of locations (mostly outdoor due to COVID-19). His presenting often featured meta commentary, with a wink and a nod to the fact that it wasn't real, but obviously a show being produced on YSTV.

Louis would throw to three separate segments during each episode, often loosely tied together with a theme such as Halloween or Christmas.


The name is a pun based on the fact that it is a segment show - oranges and lemons the fruit both having segments.

Titles for the show were commissioned from YSTV Alumni Thomas Schubert and the song Swimming at Night by Nightgames was chosen as the theme tune due to the fact it was royalty free and fun and upbeat.

A second coronavirus lockdown was announced the day that the first episode premiered, meaning that all future episodes of Oranges and Lemons were restricted to crew that all lived in the same household or a crew of two filming outdoors.

Louis' section of episode 3 was rewritten on the fly as there genuinely were issues with production and jokes around that fact were incorporated into the script.


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Pumpkins and Gourds

This was the Halloween episode. It saw Louis wake from a terrifying dream only to realise that Quarantine Weekly was real and had actually happened. He then battled with producer Sophie Bolwell-Davies, who quickly became zombified in the episode.

The featured segments were:

Flesh and Brains

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Promo for episode 2

In the second instalment, Louis went on the run from an ever growing number of Zombies and saw him throwing oranges at them from a tree.

A spoof of Covid Update was used at the beginning of the episode to reveal that a new strain of Covid (mixed with freshers' flu) had created these zombies.

The featured segments were:

  • The Firework Hunter
  • Public Puppet News
  • Elections 2005 BTS - Inside the YSTV Vault

Spaghetti and Hoops

The third instalment saw Louis escape the zombie horde by going to the most remote location he could think of - Campus East. The episode saw him get progressively more fed up with being stranded out in the cold and waiting for the executive producers to get the gas stove to work. The episode ended with a rogue cigarette butt accidentally lighting the TFTI building on fire.

The featured segments were:

  • Wake Up with Flat 02
  • Campus East's Post-It Notes
  • Fet Fit
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Behind the Scenes of Public Puppet News

Turkey and Stuffing

The final instalment saw Louis return home for Christmas and dealing with an injured Father Christmas, who turns out to be Louis' dad, who turns out to be Louis' Mum..? I never really understood what was going on in this one.

The featured segments were:

  • Homemade Christmas Decorations with Sophie
  • Justice 4 East - a spoof advert asking for justice for York's forgotten campus.
  • Christmas - Inside the YSTV Vault