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Making of Bulletin was a one-off documentary made for BBC Choice Scotland and broadcast as part of their student TV night in January 2000.

At the 1999 NaSTA conference in Glasgow, one of the speakers was Ewan Angus, a commissioning editor from BBC Scotland. Through GUST (Glasgow Uni Student TV), he commissioned each of the stations to produce a short programme. Each had to submit several programme ideas and one was to be picked and funded.

Three different ideas were asked for, a new episode of Games Disaster was favoured by YSTV, but the suggestion to make a behind-the-scenes documentary about YSTV's regular news programme Bulletin was the one chosen. Other programs came from GUST, GTV, BTV and STOIC.

The BBC paid for YSTV to hire a DV camera, microphones and a DV deck to export to for the project which was edited on the station's own Mac. The total cost was £650.

The resulting 8-minute-or-so documentary may not have acurately reflected a normal edition of Bulletin, but it wasn't bad for a team that had never made a documentary nor edited anything of that length before.

Most members of the station contributed to the project which was produced and edited by Chris Ward, Paul Soulsby and Peter Bowles.

The voice-over was provided by Thea Darricotte. The finished product can be seen on the YSTV website

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