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Genre: Drama
Broadcast: February 2000
Producer(s): Claire Kilner

Lolita was a one-off drama piece written, produced and directed by Claire Kilner with a cast largely auditioned from Drama Soc types. Production took place throughout most of 1999 finishing in February 2000.

Filming locations included the local Sainsburys, Wellington Street, Alcuin bar, student bedrooms, Goodricke toilets and a multi-camera shoot in the studio as part of a Jerry Springer-style sequence.

When the Video Server sprung into life in October 2003 it was one of the archive shows added to fill out the schedules and as such was shown regularly after for a few years.

Cast & Crew

  • Interviewer – Charlotte Bleasdale
  • Dermott – Tom Bennett
  • Simon - James Brookes
  • Louisa – Maria Fulcher
  • Lolita – Sarah Lowes
  • Felix – Ben Scheck
  • Sharon – Anna Silman
  • Yorkshire Woman – Pam Wells
  • Sainsburys Supervisor – Debbie Rule
  • Voice Over – Rob Sprowson


  • Sam Booth
  • John Kelly
  • Frances Lecky
  • Lee Ravitz
  • Ian Rennie




Assistant to the Producer

Written & Produced

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