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This was the result of an aspiration in 2003 to avoid having to capture video for editing using the Panasonic DV camera, in much the same way as had been needed 7 years with the JVC SVHS machine.

The primary requirement was therefore for a miniDV tape deck with both Firewire (to connect to the Edit PC) and analogue (to connect the studio) connections. Looking at options it became clear that miniDV only decks were all from the professional market (costing upwards of £1000), and that for the same price JVC did a SVHS / miniDV hybrid aimed at the high end of the consumer market. As such it had a few nasties (like automatic sound level control and SCART connectors), but offered the chance to get another SVHS desk to replace the ailing SRS-365U from the JVC SVHS rig for no more than the price of a DV-only deck.

The decision was therefore made, and YSTV became the proud owner of a what is the model number?Unverified or incomplete information, which became VTA, placed next to the brand new Edit PC with a firewire cable to plug in over. This ensured that it became the workhorse deck for capturing tapes brought in for editing, as well as being used heavily for recording live shows.