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Ident making was left late for NaSTA 2007, and Rick Selby seemed to enjoy keeping with the Natural theme (despite his failed attempts at a floating logo the previous year), with plans for a reversed ice melting logo.

After lots of help from Sarah Leese to make some letter templates from cardboard, these were lined with cling film, filled with coloured water (red (left swoosh, t), green (y, v) and blue (s, right swoosh)) and frozen. Placed on the draining board to melt, the DV camera was set to record, though it soon became clear that this was going to take more than an hour to melt, even with the OB light providing more heat. Out came the hairdryer... and the ice started to move around, making the ident unusable.

After much head scratching, an alternative location was found - a plastic storage box just large enough to take the logo. A PC was set up with the DV camera attached, allowing recording for hours. 2 versions were recorded - coloured and clear - but it was the coloured version that made it as the ident.

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