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Fusion was the brainchild of YSTV member Pete Nichols, and first happened in 2005. It brought together societies on campus and off-campus groups to present an evening of Dance and Fashion items in Central Hall. Much was made of the possibility of taking a Battle of the Bands style projection rig to the event, but they ultimately came to nothing, and YSTV's only involvement was to supply equipment and crew to a 2-camera DV shoot done by Kate Rushworth and Jen Ayerst. This was subsequently edited and sold on DVD by Pete Nichols, but never shown on YSTV because of copyright issues with the music used. Clips did however appear in that year's NaSTA Best Broadcaster by the skin of their teeth as it was being edited as the show took place! It isn't without reason that Fusion is the very last subject to be covered in that year's compilation...

In 2006 the event was back, with a bigger budget and more sponsorship. YSTV was brought in to run a three-camera live rig feeding projectors either side of the stage area. Output was a mixture of live video, pre-recorded VTs produced by the Cinematography Society, and live graphics produced by Nez Savaskan. The latter were luma keyed over the video at the last minute following a flash of inspiration by one of the producers, Richard Ash. The other producer was Sarah Leese, continuing a partnership from Woodstock the year before. YSTV recorded the show, but again copyright issues prevented it from being broadcast either live or later. Cinematography shoot footage for the DVD produced, although the latter part of the second half is composed of YSTV footage after they failed to have enough tape to record the entire event.

By 2007 the event was running for two nights the week before YUSU Election Night and it was judged to be too much work to watch an entire dress rehearsal (taking notes), and then do both nights. The Cinematography Society were up for it however, so YSTV lent them the Panasonic Max to do the job.

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