Fresher's Guide to Campus (or The Search For Wentworth)

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Spoof guide produced and directed by John Thompson and Fiona Taylor, demonstrating various stereotypical aspects of York's campus.

The premise was that the reporter (played by Kate Harry) was at Derwent College and was given the task to find Wentworth College.

As she searches across Campus, she passes various York Uni events, including:

- the Derwent D-Block Challenge

- the miniature Alcuin Bop

- finding a huge concrete spaceship in the centre of the lake, bogged down by years of duck-poo

- the (at the time, only) cash machine on Campus (renowned for being empty)

- underpants-on-head worshippers of a giant concrete mushroom

- a lovely November sunset over Wentworth bridge


She tries to look up the route in an atlas in the Library, but gets an angry security guard calling for assistance as she tries to leave with it (meanwhile, someone with no books and a machine gun is allowed to pass unhindered)...

Throughout, she is bugged by a "nerd" (played by Luke Brown) who, in the end, turns out to be from Wentworth and could have told her the way at any point.

Theme tune: "The Road To Nowhere" by Talking Heads.

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