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During the reign of Chris Wall as Station Director, he put a dedicated section of the 'Everyone e-mail' to a cute animal to break up the deluge of information in one particular e-mail. Little did he know this would then become a feature request and people would e-mail him with suggestions of what to include next week. Some of these people were not active members or even members of YSTV but friends of members who had seen that weeks animal when looking over a friends shoulder.

This then became something that Chris would frequently be recognised for across campus when wearing YSTV merch. Phrases such as "You're the guy who sends me the pictures of the cute animal" as opposed to "You're the guy who sends the YSTV e-mails" being used. It was also frequently remarked by many that it was the only part of the e-mail they actually paid any attention too. Overlooking the rest of what was happening within the society.

It was a contentious issue in the run up to the 2013-14 committee elections what the incoming Station Director would use instead of a 'Cute Animal'. Incoming SD Liz Pascoe took a vote at her first station meeting to see if she should replace it or continue it on. The vote was to find something new and Liz opted for a 'Bad Joke'. Whether this is as popular is yet to be seen.

All animals have been preserved for viewing on this Flickr gallery and this was used as a farewell in Chris' final e-mail as SD -[dead link]