Breakthru (digital remaster)

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The one and only copy of Breakthru which existed in Tapelog had become seriously worn by 1998, Freddie Mercury's introductory wailing (during which Graham Quince was seen getting out of bed) would have given nearby cats a headache.

Mainly as an exercise in learning how to use the newly aquired Mac, Rob Sprowson digitally remastered the 1994 version using the original footage in most places, as most of it could still be found on tapes on the shelf.

The opening wailing was chopped, making the remaster shorter than the original, and some filler material was added where the original couldn't be reconstructed. For example, towards the end Graham Quince's famous raised eyebrow makes a guest appearance, though in the 1998 remake the Maurice framestore was used to zoom in on this.

Since there was no means of exporting digitally at the time, an entire tape was filled with copies of the resulting promo and the master copy deleted to save drive space.

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