Annual General Meeting

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Station Director handover 2005
YSTV 1987 AGM (good to see the tradition of attempting to draw the logo in chalk/marker pen is not new!)

The Annual General Meeting, usually referred to simply as the AGM, is held annually (as the name would suggest) and is where all the station's elected posts are re-contested. As such this is where the dates listed for officerships on this website begin (rather than the start of the academic year). The AGM in recent years has been held during week 4 of the summer term.

For a number of years there was a tradition that the Open Day programme would be held soon after the AGM, and so offer an opportunity to produce a fairly unstructured programme under the new regime.

As of the early 2020s, AGM includes discussion and voting on amendments to the Constitution and Policy, as well as a report from each member of the outgoing committee, but elections for a new committee are now held at a separate meeting the following week, in order to allow the necessary 1 week notice period for an election for any new roles created.