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A York TV car with their "distinctive" logo

York TV launched in the autumn of 2003 promising to provide a local TV service to the people of York. However the patchy coverage made it even harder to watch at the time than YSTV, which was quite an achievement.

At launch they expressed an interest in sharing news gathering facilities, and as such arranged a meeting with Station Director of the time, Dave Baker. They made a less than inspiring start by failing to turn up, and as such the idea was not proceeded with.

Those who could actually pick up the station reported a station screening the same few episodes of "Jimbo and the Jet Set" on rotation daily, text-in shows notably without texts and copious amounts of QVC.

Two years later, with YSTV's output now online for all to view, they again contacted the station with a view to broadcasting two shows - Learning Curves and Acoustic Treatment - to a "wider" audience (a debatable concept given the station's coverage). Unfortunately nothing came of this as the producers of both shows were too busy to arrange sending their programmes to York TV.

At some point in 2005/2006 they rebranded as "York @ 54" (referring to their UHF channel). It has been said that YSTV produces more original content than them.

Their website is at http://www.york.tv/