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Having been 'a bit of a thing I think' the previous year, Jacob Boyle decided to reinvigorate and run Writers' Room when he took over as Head of Scripted.

Turnout was minimal in Summer Term 2019, but with a new batch of freshers, the meetings (which took place 8pm Mondays) grew in popularity. Rooms alternated between Piazza and Spring Lane, in order to give equal opportunities to Campus East residents (and also bc Jacob lived in Badger Hill and West is a bit of a trek innit).

During Spring Term 2020, whilst Jacob was working on his Third Year Film (the really good, popular and now world-famous Kate and the Cosmonaut and Second Year shoots, Writer's Room was temporarily run by Joe Radford and Gery Marianova.)

Projects that have been in Writers' Room at some point include:

(Maybe one of them will be made some day...)

  • The Wake Cake
  • Matt-Man
  • Andy Goes to the Moon
  • Nutmeg (A YSTV Christmas Carol)
  • How to be a Man
  • Something about a bread gun????
  • ...and a thousand ideas that Joseph Wharfe pitched but never wrote anything for