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Timewarp Logo

Timewarp was a YUSU club night that was hosted on campus in The Courtyard twice a term (usually in Week 2 and Week 6). It was a spin-off event from the creators of Marmite.

It was always a favourite of YSTV Members until it's retirement at the end of the 2022 academic year.

It is occasionally revived by the DJ, Seb, for special occasions such as the 55th Anniversary.

Timewarp also featured at NaSTA 2022 hosted by YSTV at the request of Joe Radford and Rhys Milling.


Timewarp followed the same format (and often almost exactly the same order of songs) every time it was hosted.

Approximately each hour of the event played music exclusively from a different decade, beginning with 2010-2019 and then moving backward through decades. Every hour to mark the change over between decades, the song Timewarp would be played. At the end of the night, the time would no longer be identifiable and a series of favourites would be played - including My Heart Will go On by Celine Dion and Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.