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The Saturday Show was a one-off magazine show made for Fresher's Week 1996. It was produced by Sophie Dennis and directed by Andy Robinson. Studio segments were presented by Ian France with in-depth analysis of key issues such as the Kiora "too orangey for crows" scale and whether real men eat quiche (answer: "yes". We had VT to prove it). These were interspersed with a 'live' Challenge Anneka-style supermarket guide presented by then Fresher Debbie Rule which culminated with a review of Goodricke dustbins.

The live segments were actually pre-recorded, with carefully crafted links between Ian and Debbie creating a remarkably realistic outside broadcast.

The show was submitted for the NaSTA awards 1997 (but didn't win cos we were a bit rubbish (sniff), but we did come second (or possibly third) if memory serves... ). There were enquiries about YSTV's O.B. kit...

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