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Use in all pages for YSTV members in their articles. If you are writing a joke article, consider using {{Joke Member}} by replacing the first line in the below template:

{{YSTV Member
| first name = First name
| last name = Last name
| picturefile = Image File Name (optional)
| picturecaption = Image caption (optional)
| picturesize = Picture size (default 200px)
| active from = First year member was active (optional) (Please use the academic year a person started, e.g. if a person joined in March, write the year it would have been the previous September.)
| active until = Last year member was active (optional)
| positions = Positions member has held on comittee (separate multiple items with commas, use plain text, not links) (optional)
| floppys = List of [[FLOPPYs|FLOPPY Awards]] member has won (separate multiple items with commas) (optional)
| hometown = Member's home town (optional)
| current location = Member's current location (optional)
| current occupation = Members's current occupation (optional)
| website url = URL of member's homepage (optional)
| degrees = The degrees the member holds. (optional)
| allegiance = The team to which a member holds allegiance (extremely optional, for the benefit of Tape Team's members)
| appearance = The physical appearance of the member (extremely optional, for the sake of describing Thomas Schubert's youthful looks)