Talking Tellies

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Talking Tellies
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Genre: Entertainment
First Broadcast: 6 October 2023
Producer(s): Beth Marsch

Season 1

Episode 1 - Summer Wrap Up

Episode 2 - UK vs US

Episode 3 - I'm a Politician Get Me Out Of Here

Episode 4 - Is British Television Back?

Episode 5 - Um Whatchaa Sayyyyy

Season 2

Episode 1 - Shamelessly Snatching Awards

Presented by Beth Marsch, with guest Jack Brown. Jack's show choice was Shameless, and the episode also featured discussion of The Traitors season 2, plus the start of awards season.

Episode 2 – 2D Is Better than 3D (fight me)

Presented by Beth Marsch, with guest Ava Ubertowski. Ava's show choice was Dragons: Race to the Edge and the episode focused on animation, including a This Or That segment, along with recapping the first two episodes of The Apprentice.


Show Swap

Broadcast live on URY, this special radio edition of the show featured guest Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti and discussed the history of television.