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Hosted by GUST in Glasgow. [[Tim Hackett]], [[Paul Soulsby]], [[Chris Ward]] and [[Steve Auld]] were present from YSTV. There was also a flying visit from [[Peter Bowles]] who happened to be in the area (Peter was referred to as the "Naked Man" following YSTV's highly commended Station Ident).

YSTV won News and Current Affairs ([[Bona Dicta]]) and Title Sequence ([[Bona Dicta]]). Highly Commended Station Ident ([[Naturally YSTV]]). The wins featured in the Yorkshire Evening Press. (See the [[Press Clippings]]).

Speakers included Ewan Angus from BBC Scotland - which led to the [[Student TV night]] on BBC Choice Scotland and YSTV's contribution, [[Making of Bulletin]].


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