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*[[YSTV People|Find out about the people who make it all happen]]
*[[YSTV Timeline|Get an overview of the important events in YSTV's history]]
*[[History Wiki:News|Information about changes on this wiki]]</div>
<big>'''Welcome to the YSTV History Wiki!'''</big>
This site is an attempt to gather as much information about YSTV's history as we can, by throwing it open to you the members, ex-members, friends and admirers! Please do add information, images and stories, please do read and enjoy and please do get in touch. It was started on our [[40th Birthday]]. The usual rules of a wiki apply (I'm sure you've all used [ / Wikipedia]). Basically, no untruths, no slander, no nastiness. If you're not sure about something (hazy memory?!) mark it clearly and someone else might be able to confirm for you. If you have particular information requests, make a page with a request and someone might just help you out. Most of all, enjoy!
== Getting started ==
Never been to a Wiki wiki before? See our [[Help:QuickStart|quickstart guide]], or read about how to write [[History Wiki:Your First Article|your first article]].
Requests and related information…
* [[Unknown Photos]] - We have lots of photos from the station, but most of them don't say what or who they are of. [[Unknown Photos|Have a look and see if you can spot yourself]]!* Want to know something? '''[[Information Requests|Ask away…]] - Want to know something? Ask here…'''* Introduce links pointing to any '''[[Special:LonelyPages|orphaned pages]]'''. == Need something to do? == [[File:Elections 2009.png|300px|right]]Our article on '''[[Elections 2009]]''' needs quite a bit of work. How about describing our setup, the equipment we used, who we interviewed and what went on. If you need your memory to be jogged, there are a couple of photos of what went on that night… [[:File:Elections 2009 Survivors.jpg|the survivors photo]], and [[:File:Elections 2009 Control Room.jpg|our control room]].
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