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Ben Goes to Kuda- livestream

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| start-date = 25/2/2020
| live stream technician = [[Rhys Milling]]| Event director & OB coordinator = [[Sophie Bolwell-Davies]]
| type = Social
| attendees = 6
| location = Flares
On the 25th of February 2020, six brave freshers left the comfort of the YSTV studio, and the nachos of Courtyard to venture into new unknown, and uncharted territory. With the group delayed on their adventure by [[Rhys Milling]] ordering a large bowl of yummy nachos, it wasn't long until [[Sophie Bolwell-Davies]] got the group moving and on route to the bus stop. Very soon a single decker bus pulled up. Completely packed, instinctively the girls got straight on without a fuss and bought their tickets. Despite this the boys decided to be [[simps]] and did not get on the bus as it was ''full up''. Shortly after the bus driver had enough and left the guys looking like wallies at the bus stop.Once at Kuda, the girls, [[Isobel Drury]]

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