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YSTV Studio

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The room occupied by YSTV has changed throughout the years. Everything on this page I've copied and pasted from the separate articles on the studio, because I thought they would make more sense in one place. Formatting errors may be abound and I'll take some time to make them fit together better. == Chemistry Studio ==YSTV began life in the chemistry department. There doesn't seem to be much info about this on the wiki so far. I'll have to do some digging. == P/S/016 ==This was YSTV's second home after the initial broadcasts from the Chemistry department. Located in the single story Physics laboratory area, this {{unsure|was first set up as a Rediffusion studio}}, and connected to LTC directly by the University's CCTV system. It also acted as a switch point for cables coming in from all over the Physics department, intended to allow experiments to be broadcast live around campus. ?? Anything else we know ?? At an {{unsure|unknown point in the late 1970s or early 1980s}} YSTV's studio moved to [[P/X/002]] in the Physics concourse underneath the teaching tower block. The move did not leave YSTV completely absent from P/S/016 however, as video and audio going to and from LTC still passed through the equipment racks located there. This continued to be the case after YSTV's move to [[G/046]], and so a minor panic ensued when the room was re-used by the physics department as a computational physics laboratory in {{unsure|1995??}} and the racks removed. YSTV's cables were moved into a vertical cabinet at the side of the room, where they ran unattended until 1999 when the network failed as the last drop of electrolyte evapourated from a 1960's capacitor and the power supply failed. A dash to the Physics stores for a replacement 25p component got the network running within hours. Entombed in an unmarked cupboard they continued to operate until the next round of refurbishment in 2005, when the mains supply was lost. After a panic and much hunting (no-one had written down where the equipment was), they were found, rewired and replaced to keep YSTV broadcasting to campus. Today (summer 2007), P/S/016 is used as a nuclear physics laboratory, and is very hard to gain access to due to hazardous stuff, and needing to time it with the lab operators. There is a plan in motion to make a hole in the wall above and to the right of the door (looking at it from the outside) to pull cables through to a box/rack mounted on the wall in the corridoor.

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