Physics Concourse

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This is the shortest link in the Current Broadcast Network, taking video only out from the P/X/002 attic to the physics concourse. This has never had a permanent TV installed, but is a frequent location for an extra TV during conferences and Freshers' Week. It consists simply of a length of coax cable running from the P/X/002 attic (where it is marked "To Concourse") to the ceiling of the concourse area near P/T/003 (the conference office), where a pair of heavy concrete pillars hold up the tower itself. On one of these is a plastic cable duct, which as well as network and mains cables holds the other end of the same coax cable.

There is no associated audio cable, as for Conference Inform there is no need for sound. As a bodge on other occasions, audio and video can be modulated onto a UHF signal using a spare VCR to get both down the same cable. Fixing this would be a pain because the cable is hidden above the ceiling of the concourse, and it's not clear how it gets from there to P/X/002.